Jean Lafitte

The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve is comprised of six parks. Each park is really worth a visit as they are all unique and showcase treasures of southern Louisiana. Truly each one could stand on its own as a park. We only visited four of the six parks, but we have a ton to share about our experiences.

National Park Service website:

Chalmette Battlefield
We visited Chalmette Battlefield first; this was not our favorite in the group, but it still had a lot of information. The highlight … Continue reading

Jean Lafitte Jean Lafitte

Little River Canyon

With the weekend quickly approaching and our new desire to visit parks and acquire passport stamps, Damon and I opened up our Explorer Edition Passport book and started making plans for a day trip.  Given multiple choices within driving distance, we reviewed our options and decided upon Little River Canyon.

Damon and I were not anticipating the beauty that we saw in Fort Payne that day.  We were driving along on a main road (a somewhat relative term given this is not a big city), and did not expect to … Continue reading

Little River Canyon Little River Canyon


My wife and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii, visiting the  islands of Oahu and Maui.  Friends had told us that while in Maui, we would be making a mistake if we did not visit Haleakala.  They were definitely correct!  At this time, we had no clue about the National Park Stamp program.  In fact, despite living near a few of them,  my wife and I had really never given the National Park system much thought.

Once we made it up to the summit, I was looking around the bookstore … Continue reading

Haleakala Haleakala

Timucuan Historic Preserve, Fort Caroline Memorial, & Ribault Monument

We took a quick weekend trip to Jacksonville and stopped by this park. It’s been years since I lived in North Florida and I had since forgotten how much Spanish moss they have down there!

The Timucuan Preserve encompasses a huge area and there are several different “parts” to this preserve. We visited the park near the Fort Caroline National Memorial; though, sand dunes, plantations, and beautiful natural areas of the park exist as well. We’d love to check them all out one day.

We stopped at the Visitors Center … Continue reading

Marine Corps War Memorial/Netherlands Carillon

{EAV_BLOG_VER:dbdc225f2703861e} A roughly 15-20 minutes walk from the front entrance of Arlington National Cemetery, lies  a plot of land (what I’d personally call a park) containing the well-known Marine Memorial as well as a giant bell tower.  Apparently, the bell tower was a gift from the Netherlands in 1954 given in appreciation to the US for its support in WWII.  The Marine Corps War Memorial is a statue which I have seen in pictures hundreds of times, yet could not have previously labeled it or stated it’s location. Due to … Continue reading

Arlington National Cemetery

During our trip to Washington DC, we planned to visit Arlington National Cemetery.  In doing such, to our surprise, we obtained our first “Mid-Atlantic Region” stamps!  Naturally, we had assumed that it would be considered part of the National Capital Region though it seems as if only those in DC proper qualify for the “red” stamp.  So, we added two new regions to our National Park passport stamp collection.

Multiple stamps are available at or nearby Arlington National.   Arlington, itself, reportedly has 25+ funerals every day, though this was not … Continue reading

Baby’s First Passport Stamp

While visiting family in Michigan, we took a day trip and drove down to Put-in-Bay to visit Perry’s International Peace Memorial.  My brother, sister-in-law, and 15-month old niece accompanied us.  In support of our National Park adventures, my brother bought my niece a passport book.  While eparks publishes a special book geared towards elementary-aged children, it does not have any room for stamping.  We all wanted Anna to stamp, and therefore, she has a “big girl” book.  Check out the pictures to see just how much she enjoyed her … Continue reading

Perry’s International Peace Memorial

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial was selected as the Midwest 2010 Featured Stamp.  We had a theory that the featured stamps each year received special unique stamps, such as the one with a picture on it that we received last year in Haleakala when it was featured.  My wife was somewhat excited to see what this park’s picture would be. Unfortunately, this theory proved to be incorrect.

In any regard, since we were in the Detroit area visiting family, we decided to take a day trip down to … Continue reading

MotorCities National Heritage Area

In searching the web a few months ago, we learned about National Heritage Areas.   According to, National Heritage Area is not actually units of the National Park Service.  Heritage Areas are not owned or managed by the National Park Service and the NPS’s involvement is always advisory in nature. In our opinion so far, these seem to be hit-and-miss locations of interest and the employees at the two we have visited have not been very familiar with the National Park passport stamp system.  As such, our stamp here … Continue reading

National Parks Travelers Club

As we have been getting more and more into our new found hobby, I stumbled upon the National Parks Travelers Club. The Club is a non-profit club whose mission is promoting park visitation and providing fellowship and recognition for everyone interested in visiting the parks.

Seeing as we are hooked, we decided to join. We have only been members for a few days and are very impressed with the quality and magnitude of information the small membership fee ($10.00) brings. Being a Google Earth Pro trainer, I was … Continue reading

New Orleans Jazz

The New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park is a fairly new park established in 1994. The site is only a few blocks from the Jean Lafitte National Park headquarter, in the middle of the French Quarter. On our visit we had the pleasure of experiencing Jazz music first hand. Their was a live Jazz Band. The location is very small, and in a very nondescript building, only a small sign on the outside. The French Quarter location does have not have 7 day a week operating hours like most parks, … Continue reading